Enhancing Your Ride, One Product at a Time



Designed to fit every make and model of recumbent trike on the market. Our TrikeTable is a bench mounted recumbent trike repair stand that quickly adjusts to cradle your trike and hold it firmly in place. Rugged enough for shop use, simple and effective design for the casual or enthusiast rider.

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Multi Mirror

The Multi Mirror lets you look anywhere on the road at the flick of a wrist. One day we were riding a bike without a mirror and thought “I wish I could have a mirror in my hand”. Even on bikes that already have mirrors, we love the wide and variable angle the Multi Mirror provides.

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Afterburner Fender Light

Take visibility to the next level by placing these tiny, but powerful lights on your fenders. Whether you ride two wheels or three, the Afterburner Fender Light boosts visibility in the otherwise dark areas for your fenders. Using just a single hole in the fender, these lights have solid feel and streamlined look.



High Light

Recumbents tend to be a bit lower to the ground then the average upright bike. Perhaps the easiest way to improve visibility to other road or trail users is to add a light at the highest point on most recumbents: the flag. Introducing the The High Light. Provide a beacon to those around you by signaling from as high as you can!
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Pivot Mount

Don’t let the lack of a handlebar keep you from mounting your favorite accessories. Put lights,  speedometers or GPS units where you can see and reach them! The Pivot Mount is a multi-position mount intended to fit on top of your trike’s steerer tubes. It will install in place of the headset cap on most trike models.

Pinch Lock

A quick and easy way to secure your trike in a “pinch”. Simply push the button to install the lock on your brake rotors and it will prevent the wheels from spinning. These are lightweight, low security locks intended to prevent the opportunistic person from riding away on your trike.

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Velo Sling

The Velo Sling is designed to work for any rider on any bike or trike. It is ready when you are for the next page of your story. Wear the pack in front, behind or to the side to easily access your phone, wallet, or bike pump or whatever else you need to stay equipped.

Available in Black, Green & Grey in Small & Large sizes.


Orb Light

Inspired by the amorphous Carriage House logo, the Orb Light can be clipped on to anything. Some of our favorite places are flags, seats and zipper pulls on bags or jackets.


True Mate Truing Adapter

The True Mate Adapter is the mechanic or wheel builders best friend. It allows you to easily mount a trike wheel from all major manufacturers in a truing stand. We use these for our custom builds and repairs. Sold as a pair.