Multi Mirror

See anywhere on the road at the flick of a wrist.

Multi Mirror

The Multi Mirror is a lightweight mirror worn on the rider’s wrist. Mirrors offer a critical picture of what’s in your blind spot while riding.

One day we were riding a bike without a mirror and thought “I wish I could have a mirror in my hand.” Even on bikes that already have a mirror, we love the wide and variable angle the Multi Mirror provides.

Using a unique velcro adjustment system, the Multi Mirror can be repositioned to suit almost any rider in every riding position (recumbent or upright).

Multi Mirror

Vertical Handlebars

Works on trikes & bikes with Underseat Steering or vertical handlebars
like those from Catrikes, ICE, HP Velotechnik.




Horizontal Bars

Works on trikes & bikes with horizontal handlebars like those
from Bacchetta, TerraTrike and most upright bicycles.




All Angles

Move your arm to see anything coming from behind.


Fits wrist sizes up to 9.5″ in diameter.

Multi Mirror


Works with any bike or trike. Just reposition the mirror.


Weighs just 34 grams (1.2 oz.)

Multi Mirror

Hidden Pocket

Store a a few coins or a key in the hidden pocket just in case you ever need it.


Folds down when not in use to prevent damage to mirror.




Adjustable Angle

Position the mirror for your visibility needs.




Using your Multi Mirror



Multi Mirror

See anywhere on the road at the flick of a wrist.

Multi Mirror

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