Pinch Rotor Lock

A quick and easy way to secure your trike in a “pinch”

Pinch Rotor Lock

The Pinch is a quick and easy way to secure your trike in a “pinch”, without needing to worry about finding a structure to wrap a lock around. Simply push the button to install the lock on your brake rotors and it will prevent the wheels from spinning.

These are lightweight, low security locks intended to prevent the opportunistic person from riding away on your trike. This lock does not prevent someone from picking your bike or trike up and carrying it away.


Pinch Rotor Lock

Available in 3 Colors

Pinch Rotor Lock


Pinch Rotor Lock


Pinch Rotor Lock


All Rotors

Fits disc rotors from all brake makers.

Easy Use

Open the lock and pinch it closed.

Pinch Rotor Lock


Fits in a bag or pocket. Just 2.5 x 2 x 1 inches.


Weighs just 77 grams (2.7 oz.)

Pinch Rotor Lock

2 Keys

Each Pinch Rotor Lock comes with 2 keys, just in case you lose one.

Disc Brakes Only

Not compatible on bike or trikes with rim or drum brakes.




Low Security

Quickly lock your trike in areas of low risk.




Using your Pinch Lock


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