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A repair stand with a vision

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Offset Rubber Cradles

Interference points can doom an otherwise decent repair stand. The offset position of our cradles offers the perfect balance between stability and accessibility for trikes of all shapes. By the way, these cradles were originally designed to support boats on trailers, so your trike will be just fine.

Optimized Design

We built and tested dozens of iterations before deciding on our final design. The spacing between the front cradles, the offset base design, the length of the slot for the rear slider and even the shape and material of the cradles have all been painstakingly calculated, tested and retested.

Free Shipping

The TrikeTable ships Free to the continental US. Our custom packaging means your stand will arrive safely and require minimal assembly.

Adjustable Height & Rotation

No matter the frame geometry of your trike(s), the TrikeTable cradles can rotate to support the tubing at an ideal angle. Working on a trike with large wheels? The TrikeTable cradles offer up to 5″ of height adjustability to get the wheels off ground wherever you decide to work.

Shop Approved

Some of the leading recumbent bike shops in the country have switched to this stand for their daily assembly and repair work. Who knows better than the industry experts? Whether you have one trike or many, this professional-grade repair stand was made for mechanics at all levels.

Fit Guarantee

The TrikeTable was designed to fit almost all recumbent trikes. If it doesn’t work for your trike, ship it to us, we’ll buy it back.

Work Anywhere

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Here is what our customers are saying:

"Just wanted to say thank you for this unique and affordable repair stand. I hope you have great success with sales of this model!!!" -Kathy from New Hampshire

"I can’t say enough good things about my Trike Table. I am truly impressed at how well it is constructed using top-shelf materials, the engineering and craftsmanship really show. I really appreciate the subtle yet clever details, such as the offset center bracket (to equalize weight distribution). I have temporarily mounted it to garage creeper thereby creating a handy little movable platform … works like a gem!" -Ted from Michigan, Catrike 5.5.9.

"I just put together the stand and its AWESOME! Thank you for a Great Product!" -Christopher from Colorado, ICE Sprint FS

"I received my TrikeTable yesterday and put it together, the quality is really nice. Thank you for your good service." -Dave from Utah

"Thanks. Keep innovating" -William from Illinois, HP Scorpion fs 26

"I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent product , I am a 52 year old single woman and put it together myself and put it (and my Catrike Villager) on a cheap folding table. I have some furniture movers with wheels and I’m going to mount it to the bottom and she will be free moving! I certainly appreciate this piece of equipment , it has helped me out tremendously !!" -Betty from North Carolina, Catrike Villager

"I’m pretty handy and was going to make a diy stand, but after I considered materials, labor, etc., I had second thoughts. Then I saw the quality and engineering of your stand and my decision was easy. I’m tuning the trike as we email. Great design and customer service! Thank you." -Carlos from South Carolina

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2017+ GT20 (not compatible)

Scorpion & Scorpion fx

Scorpion fs 20 & 26

Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec

Scorpion plus 26

Gekko & Gekko fx (20 & 26)

Adventure (all versions)

Sprint (all versions)


Eco-Tad SX


Gran Tourismo

Rambler (all variants)



Tour II (and legacy models Cruiser, Path, Tour)


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