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Place on your favorite workbench, picnic table, or set of saw-horses and start repairing your recumbent tricycle.

  • Designed to fit every make and model of recumbent trike on the market.
  • Quickly adjusts to cradle your trike and hold it firmly in place.
  • Rugged enough for shop use, simple and effective design for the casual or enthusiast rider.

The TrikeTable now ships FREE to all 48 contiguous United States (some exclusions apply).


Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, of course. Contact Us for a quote.

What materials do we use?

The black base parts are steel and the silver vertical extensions are aluminum.

What is the maximum height of the stand?

We designed the TrikeTable to be placed on a stable flat surface that provides the right working height for you and your trike. We’ve seen current customers use rolling tool carts, folding tables, work benches, boxes and many other surfaces.

Of course, the ground is always an option too. Equipped with 14” uprights and a 4.5" vertical adjustment range, the TrikeTable is designed to lift your trike just high enough to make ground work effective. 

Heavier E-Trikes and Fat Trikes may benefit from our JackStand model, designed for floor use.

What are the dimensions of the stand?

The base measures 32″ in length and 20″ at its widest point.

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