Our Commitment

We started Carriage House CycleWorks to provide complete and affordable solutions for the recumbent trike world. With backgrounds and experience from leading trike repair shops and manufacturers, we know the challenges facing independent bicycle dealers and at home mechanics alike. Our products aspire to address those challenges, and create an inclusive landscape for recumbent trike riders.

Our Story

When the founders of Carriage House CycleWorks first met in the bicycle industry nearly 5 years ago, they had no idea what lay ahead. Both were longtime bicycle enthusiasts but recumbents were still pretty fresh on their radar. James was a fabricator with bicycle shop experience who eventually ended up in product development at a major recumbent trike manufacturer. Meanwhile, Bill was immersed in the bike shop environment at one of the country’s premier recumbent dealerships before moving to sales and service at the manufacturing level.

Fast forward a few years, their shared dream of manufacturing cycling products started to make slow progress. It all began with a repair stand for recumbent trikes. Despite the rapid and diverse growth in the recumbent trike world, no one made an easily adjustable repair stand to fit all brands and models. It was only a matter of time before the first TrikeTable sold.


Conversations with dealers and customers clearly indicated that repair stands weren’t the only things missing in the recumbent trike world. Bill left his job to join James in growing the company and in just a few short months, Carriage House developed and manufactured a number of accessories specifically for recumbent trike riders. Following their launch at Chicago’s CUBE Expo, Carriage House CycleWorks continues to innovate and improve the riding experience for all recumbent trikes. 



Our Design Process

At Carriage House CycleWorks, we aspire to craftsmanship and quality, with a nod to the timeless. Our ideal product needs no manual because it just makes sense to use.




Most accessories are designed for upright bicycles and must be heavily adapted for recumbent use. The accessories that do exist are usually custom-made for a specific brand or model. Carriage House CycleWorks makes quality, purpose-built accessories available to all riders, no matter what they ride.

Our goal is to create your ideal riding experience. We develop products that are intuitive and we pay close attention to detail. We remain inspired by simplicity and instill pride into our work.

Experience Matters

We have worked in the recumbent industry for years and have visited dozens of bike shops from coast to coast. With so many trike brands and shapes, it is hard enough to find a stable place to work on these machines. The TrikeTable has been tested extensively by top recumbent mechanics. It has replaced a hodge-podge of homemade wooden tables, suspended rope stands and PVC piping for all of them.




We are glad you're here

Recumbent trike riders can, at times, be overlooked by the larger two wheeled community. However, many cyclists got their start as a child on three wheels. We like to think triking brings out the kid in all of us. So we invite you to be a kid again, browse our offerings, and if there is something you'd like to see make a product suggestion

We're listening.