JackStand - Rear Stabilizer and Fasteners

JackStand - Rear Stabilizer and Fasteners

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We're often asked "Can I upgrade my TrikeTable to a JackStand" . . . . Yes, yes you can! This rear stabilizer kit includes longer aluminum uprights to add stability and versatility to your current TrikeTable repair stand. 


This kit includes:

Rear stabilizer

Custom fastening plate w/Bolts, Nuts and Washers

Extra long 24 inch aluminum uprights

4 locking casters

Extra long stabilizing bungee


Learn more about ourJackStand below:

Fat Trikes, Electric Assist Trikes as well as any standard trike, can sometimes be difficult to lift all the way to bench height. Take the strain off you shoulders and back with the JackStand trike repair stand. 

Based on our popular TrikeTable platform, this floor mounted repair station is designed to provide the perfect balance between load/unload and ergonomic work height considerations. 

Fully adjustable, delta/tadpole compatible work stand

Easy hip-height placement

Extra long bungee stabilizes your trike while in the stand.