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Support your trike from the ground up and get right to work repairing your recumbent.

  • Designed to fit every make and model of recumbent trike on the market.
  • Quickly adjusts to cradle your trike and hold it firmly in place.
  • Ergonomic hip height trike placement
  • Rugged enough for shop use, simple and effective design for the casual or enthusiast rider.
  • Roll around maneuverability of your trike with the purchase of optional locking casters



Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, of course. Contact Us for a quote.

What materials do we use?

The black base parts are steel and the silver vertical extensions are aluminum.

What is the maximum height of the stand?

We designed the JackStand around working just above hip height. The silver vertical extensions can slide upwards to achieve a 29 inch support height. Install the optional 3" diameter locking casters for a trike placement up to 32 inches.

If a lower lift height would work better for you, Contact Us and we'll be happy to cut a custom set of vertical extensions. 

What are the dimensions of the stand?

The base measures 34.5″ in length and 20″ at its widest point.



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Best Stand Ever

The Jack Stand functions exactly as advertised. It is infinitely adjustable and very stable. It is made of durable materials that fit together well and are nicely finished. The working height is perfect for a trike. Why work bending over when you can sit comfortably on a stool and access every component of your trike? Overall, it is the best design I have seen for this purpose.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you for the kind words. That is quite a claim :) and we are humbled. Best wishes for a happy new year and happy trike maintenance in 2021!

United States United States
Jack Stand

I purchased my “Jack Stand” to use with my Catrike 559. The “Jack Stand” is constructed well and assembly was simple. The assembly instructions were easy to follow but the photos could be better. The slot that allows the rear vertical post to move should be longer, it does not move forward enough to get a secure position for the roller on the 559 frame in my opinion. There should be a 2nd tie down loop so the rear of the trike can be secured. I had to have a helper hold the rear of the trike down because when removing pedals the rear of the trike wanted to lift off of the rear roller. I will drill another hole in the base and add a 2nd tie down loop. They do provide a nice elastic tie down strap with the “Jack Stand”. Overall, a good product but in my opinion a 2nd tie down loop and strap should be incorporated in the design. Would I buy it again, YES.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you for the feedback about the tie down, adjustment length, and clarifying the manual photos. We are always iterating and your suggestions will be incorporated as we move forward. We’ve got an idea to help gain additional forward adjustment and a more secure rear support for your 559 with your current JackStand. Look for an email from us today and thank you again for the review and product improvement suggestions!

David B.
Perfect solution for working on my Catrike Expedition

I bought the Jackstand after seeing one on the Catrike Facebook page. It arrived quickly after ordering it and was a 10 minute assembly. I'm impressed with the quality of the stand. It's so much easier to clean and adjust my trike now. I also store my Catrike on the stand, making it so easy to wipe down after my daily rides and it's easy to set it on the stand. This was money well spent!

Jasper S.

I purchased the Jack Stand with the 24.5 inch posts.. The instructions were easy to follow. Along with the recommended tools assembly could not have been easier. I have the stand sitting on the garage floor. This makes the height perfect for making adjustments and repairs on my trike. I should mention. I'm a little over 5 foot tall. The trike I ride is not on your list (1st Avenue). My trike fits perfect on the stand. I would recommend this product. (cost, sturdy construction and functionality were a plus). Jasper

Steve K.
Fantastic solution to service Trikes at home !!

My wife and I have two Trident Terrain Fat Tire Trikes and ride both each day 13+ miles around our golf course community and surrounding neighborhoods. We end up needing frequent service/adjustments, brakes etc. and are fortunate to have a young service tech that will make house calls. We cannot get our Trikes in our SUV to take to the shop. Waiting, and paying, to have the Trikes picked up for service and redelivered is a pain. Servicing at the house is significantly improved, now that we have the JackStand. What a great product, quality construction and easy to assemble. Steve