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This DIY recumbent trike repair stand kit provides you with the basics to get your light-duty repair stand project moving. If you're comfortable making a trip to the lumber store, purchasing and cutting your own 2 x 4's to make a base section, this kit may be right for you.

The product includes:

DIY user guide

Aluminum uprights with attached rubber cradles (3 pcs)

Plastic brackets with self drilling screws (3 pcs)

Right angle brackets with self drilling screws 

Securing bungee and hook


The TimberLessTable now ships FREE to all 48 contiguous United States (some exclusions apply). Ordering additional accessories? We will include those as well with no added shipping charge. 

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Mark K.
United States United States
Top Notch

I was very pleased with the delivery and the quality. The quality of th components is first class and they assemble easily. I made my work stand to fit in my Black and Decker Workmate and hold our Catrike 559s and it can be seen at the at the Carriage House Cycleworks Facebook page. I am very pleased.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Mark, thank you! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021 and good luck with the off-season trike maintenance.

David P.
United States United States
Perfect for Trike Maintenance

Assembling the stand was straight forward. Carriage House Cycleworks was helpful with the placement of the back support point on my Catrike 559. I mounted my stand on a wooden sawhorse from Lowe's and its super stable. Overall, good customer service and once the order was placed the package arrived quickly.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you, David. We're so happy you are up and running with your trike workstand!

United States United States
Trike stand for a Greenspeed gt5

2x4 should be straight not warped. Cross supports; make long enough to accommodate plastic support brackets for the width of your particular trike. Watch for clearance of steering arms when positioning rubber cradles. Instructions are vague, however if you are all thumbs at assembly, then buy the trike stand already made. If you are handy, this bracket kit is just the ticket.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you for feedback we agree, this kit is certainly geared toward the handy and do it yourself crew! One trick we use when selecting boards is to eye the board down it's length, checking for hook or twist, or placing the board on the ground and looking for gaps or rocking. We're so happy that you and your GT5 made it work.

Best for owner maintenance

Absolutely great. Called to check if I could order an extra set of joist brackets with the kit before ordering. No problems, just cost $10 more. All materials are of superior quality. With the 20" support tubes, adding a second cross member (around 12" long is enough) at the rear increases stability. If using two sets of brackets, you need to make the long axis 2 x 4 longer to make up for the 2" lost to the additional rear bracket. For my Catrike 559, I needed a 34" length because on Catrikes, the front rollers need to face backwards to protect the steering arms. Also on the 559, the best rear horizontal bar location is just in front of the rear wheel, further back than some other trikes. Now have a sturdy and economical stand on which to wash and maintain my 559. Thank you SOOOO much.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you, Ken! Great tips on stability and placement for your build. Cheers!

Gary W.
United States United States
Good product, took a little thought for best configuration

I have a new Catrike Villager and expect to do much, but not all, of the maintenance myself. The first decision was whether to get the 13" or 20" TimberLessTable. I'm 6'3" so setting the stand on a work table would have made it easier to work on the trike. However, I'm 71 and the thought of lifting the awkward trike that high in a few years was a concern so I opted for the 20" model and will place it on the floor. The front of the trike wasn't a problem with the cradles but there isn't any clear area on the main tube of the Villager for the rear cradle. I ended up putting it on the tube going to the rear wheel on the left side. That put the support post approximately inline with the main bike tube but the cradle is about 2" off-center. Moderate pressure on the right rear of the trike caused it to lift out of the cradle at the left front. I solved that problem by putting the included bungee cord at the left front of the table. One other problem that I noted was the long 2x4 was twisting when the trike was placed on the stand. I added a 12" piece of 2x4 perpendicular to the long 2x4 at the tail end. I later noticed that the Carriage House Cycleworks JackStand had a similar addition compared to the TrikeTable. I would recommend that anyone with the 20" TimberlessTable do the same. I would recommend any of the Carriage House Cycleworks work stands for someone doing their own maintenance on a recumbent trike, which one would be a personal decision. It may take a little creative thinking to figure out the best setup for you.