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A TrikeTable for all! Actually, it's not the original metal TrikeTable Repair Stand but rather its lighter duty, wooded cousin the TimberTable. Still designed for maximum compatibility, the TimberTable uses a wooden cruciform and fixed, but movable, cradle positions.

  • Designed to fit nearly every make and model of recumbent trike on the market. Delta trike and tadpole trike compatibility.
  • Pre-drilled in multiple positions to adapt to your trike and hold it firmly in place. Configure it for your trike and don't worry about adjusting it until you get your next trike!
  • Same unique offset cradle design as the original TrikeTable.
  • 45 Lbs weight capacity; designed for pedal powered trikes.
  • Put your stand anywhere. Any flat surface will work but you can also clamp the wooden base in a vise or to numerous portable project tables.
  • Optional 20 inch extension tubes provide a more ergonomic working position, when using the TimberTable on the ground.

The TimberTable now ships FREE to all 48 contiguous United States (some exclusions apply).



What assembly is required?

Anchor the metal bracket to wooden base with included fasteners and pre-drilled pilot holes using a #2 Phillips driver. Insert tubes into tube holders and you are ready for trike repair. 


Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, of course. Contact Us for a quote.

What materials do we use?

The black base parts are pine, the yellow tube holders are plastic, the silver vertical extensions are aluminum, and the cradles are rubber.

What is the maximum height of the stand?

We designed the TimberTable to be placed on a stable flat surface that provides the right working height for you and your trike. We’ve seen current customers use rolling tool carts, work benches, boxes and many other surfaces.

Of course, the ground is always an option too. And in that case we'd recommend the 20 inch extension tube option, to get your trike a bit higher than the standard 14 inch lift height. 

What are the dimensions of the stand?

The base measures 32″ in length and 20″ at its widest point.

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United States United States
Good, economical solution

No problem with ICE Sprint. My Catrike Dumont might need a few mods. Shipping was prompt & safe.

Carriage House CycleWorks

If you move the rear post farthest away from the front two posts you should be able to fit both of those trikes with the same setup. Thank you for your review!

Carlos G.
United States United States

I received the item promptly and with no damages noted as it was well packaged. The TimberTable was easy to setup and the heigh was adequate for my needs. I have a Catrike Villager and the only problem I encountered was that the middle post is hard to place for the villager as the chain kept getting in the way, I have move the post to the most inner position and it still keeps getting in the way. I'll have to experiment until I get it right. I'll let you know when I get it right, Thank You,

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you for the feedback Carlos! We’ve had customers find success with the Catrike Villager on our metal TrikeTable in the rear most position. For the TimberTable we would suggest moving the main tube support to the rear most position as well, and rotating it toward the yellow plastic bracket at a slight angle. You’ll be fitting this support at the junction of the chain stays and main tube of the trike. I am attaching two photos of Villager trikes showing this in our metal TrikeTable as well as a photo the suggested setup on our wooden TimberTable. Unfortunately I don’t have a visual handy of the trike in the wooden stand. Please give these setups a look and it should help avoid the chain interference you mentioned :) Best wishes, James

William G.
United States United States
Trike Work Stand - pretty good.

Arrived on time. Easy to assemble (not much to do really). Sturdy. Fits my Ice Trike very nicely. 20” height is too low for me! I put mine on another platform with rollers. Works better.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Thank you for the feedback William, and glad you found a mobile base that worked well.

Timothy G.
United States United States
Timber table

This is great lower cost idea for a rider who likes to do some of their own maintenance and repair work on their recumbent. It sets up and adjusts very easily and fits my Terra Trike All terrain Rambler fine. I was disappointed, though when I opened the box and saw that the yellow brackets that hold the upright supports were made of plastic and were not particularly sturdy. I was expecting metal castings.

Carriage House CycleWorks

Hi Timothy, We're glad you are enjoying your repair stand and thank you for your feedback. You are correct our LumberJack and TrikeTable models offer additional stability. The plastic brackets themselves can take a lot of force, but are designed to flex some. One tip, be sure to insert the aluminum tube fully into the plastic bracket and, once a position is chosen, turn the threaded lever to lock. Happy trikeing :)

Robert M.
United States United States
Timber table with Catrike Villager

Setup was simple. All the holes drilled on template for bracket attachment were in perfect alignment. I'm still working on the best position for my Catrike Villager for the single rear support. The "bumper" interferes with the chain when I position it either forward on the single main frame tube or farther back after the frame splits for the rear wheel section. I can place it on the left side frame section but then the trike is somewhat unbalanced in this "off center" position. I may decide to modify the bumper to accommodate this. Generally happy with the device though.